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Information About Bath

Bath is one of the largest cities in Somerset, England containing around 80,000 Bathonian citizens. In 1590 Bath was awarded status by Royal charter and Queen Elizabath I. Bath was established as a spa resort with the name Aqua Sulis which is Latin by the Romans in the year AD43. In the valley of the River Avon in the surrounding hills of Bath they built baths and a temple placed around hot springs which are the only natural Hot springs that are still occurring in the United Kingdom. Bath is well known for a huge variety of theaters, museums and sporting venues such as the Twerton Park Football Stadium home to Bath City FC.

Bath has held a strong cultural history and was a pioneer in the fashionable life of England during the 18th century much of this can still be experienced in the Fashion Museum. Artists such as Thomas Gainsborough the English portrait and landscape painter and Sir Thomas Lawrence a leading English portrait painter and the fourth president of the Royal Academy lived and worked in Bath influencing and changing Bath society through cultural interests.

Although Bath once was an important place for manufacturing more recently this is currently in decline however in a more modern 21st century city Bath is proud to have a very strong software, publishing and service orientated sector. The city encompasses around 400 retail shops where roughly half of them are ran independently by specialist retailers with approximately 100 cafés and restaurants all of which make Bath a popular place supporting tourism from all over.

In 2000 Bath major developments have been made including the Thermae Bath Spa, the SouthGate Shopping Centre, the Western Riverside residential project located on the Stathery & Pitt factory site and the Riverside Bath Quays office & business development adding growth and prosperty to the whole of Bath.

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